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Artist statement

"In my photography, I merge the aesthetic world of fashion with the deep personality of my models. Through my lens, stories are born in which style and character harmoniously blend. Artistic fashion photography is my passion, in which I capture not only clothing but also emotions and moods.

Every portrait I create is like a window to the soul of my models. I strive to capture not only their appearance but also their essence and personality. The beauty of my portraits lies in the detail and authenticity I reveal.

Aesthetics play a significant role in my work. Every photo is an exploration of the relationship between form and expression, between fashion and individuality. I strive not only to see but to feel, not only to show but to touch. My art is a tribute to the diversity and beauty that lie within every person and every piece of clothing."

Exhibitions/ Publications


07/2020 Book publication: PARIS, ISBN: 979-8873625130

11/2020 Group exhibition/ Milan/ Italy: "MATER" Gallary M.A.D.S


12/2020 Group exhibition/ Milan/ Italy: “FABLE” Gallary M.A.D.S


04/2021 Book publication: Anuario International de Arte 2020/21, ES

07/2021 Book publication: VENEDIG, ISBN: 979-8-8655-7222-0

10/2021 Group exhibition/ Luxembourg/ LUX: “Art Fair Luxembourg” Gallery MONAT

03/2022 Book publication: SYDNEY, ISBN: 979-8-865226-81-9

05/2022 Book publication: Photography in the visual culture 2021, Italy ISBN: 978-88-88891-38-5


31/01/2023 Group exhibition/ London/ UK: "Photography Now" at The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

22/02/2023 Group exhibition/ Madrid/ ES: “The Current Obsession” at MONAT Gallery, Madrid, ES

03/03/2023 Group exhibition/ Milan/ Italy: "UN Fair Milan" Gallery MONAT

30/03/2023 Group exhibition/ New York/ US: "Art Expo NYC" with World Wide Art Promotions

10/2023 Book publication: BARCELONA, ISBN: 979-8-8643-7495-5 

03/12/2023 Group exhibition/ Madrid/ ES: “Moonshadows” at MONAT Gallery, Madrid, ES


Lucia Heumann, Hoheluftchaussee 139, 20253 Hamburg


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